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Naturally Tantastic!

Gloss offers you the perfect way to achieve a natural, healthy bronzed look. Our new non-alcohol spray tan is exclusive to our salon and has literally taken Australia by storm because it delivers such a realistic result time after time.

With absolutely no sun exposure at all, the spray tan usually lasts between 4-10 days. The way the tan fades and the length of time it lasts is dependant on how each person naturally loses his or her skin. Regular moisturising with glossX AfterTanMoisturiser is essential to prolong the duration of the tan, especially during hotter months or in dry climates.

Prior to and on the day of your tan

In the morning of your tanning appointment (or the night before) you should exfoliate your entire body to remove dead skin and promote even coverage to lengthen the duration of your tan. When you exfoliate, pay particular attention to the lower halfof your legs, knees, ankles, tops of feet, toes, elbows and knuckles. Do not use deodorant or moisturiser prior to your tan. Our own glossX Exfoliating Lotion is specially formulated to achieve an excellent result.

Full Body$39
Half Body$25
Top up$20
Fabulous Facials
Full Facial$70
Deep cleanse, skin diagnosis, deep exfoliation, customised face and eye mask and a 30 minute neck and face massage. This is a revitalising and relaxing facial targeted for all skin types. Allow a relaxing 60 minutes out of your day.
glossXpress Facial
Deep cleanse, skin diagnosis, deep exfoliation, customised face and eye mask plus moisturiser and eye cream application. Allow 30 minutes.
Hair today, gone tomorrow!
These days, shaving just doesnt cut it. The Gloss range of body and Brazilian waxing treatments is perfect for those who want to be a smooth operator. To guarantee consistent results with an absolute minimum of fuss we have created our very own unique glossX waxformulation which is specifically designed for the more sensitive Brazilian area. And because comfort and hygiene are of absolute importance, we use disposable spatulas and never recycle our wax. Plus to keep you waxing lyrical long after you leave the salon, we have a range ofexclusive glossX aftercare products available which help to soothe the skin post treatment and for regular daily use between appointments. Our technique is quick and efficient &. Just 10-15 minutes and youre outa there!

Female Waxing
XHigh bikini$25
XX PlusG String Plus$32
General Waxing
Eyebrow wax$15
Lip and/or Chin$20
Under Arms$15
Half Leg$25
Full Leg$40
Back of Thigh$15
Full Leg & Bikini$55
Arm Wax$30
Male Waxing
Half Leg$25
Full Leg$55
Chest wax (depending on hair volume)$35
Back wax (depending on hair volume)$35
Back and shoulders$40
Brow wax$15

We do not offer male Brazilian waxing


The benefits of salon waxing are numerous:


·       Helps the skin to appear naturallysmoother

·       Eliminates stubblegrowth

·       Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks compared toshaving which may only remain smooth for just a day or two

·       Hairs become sparser, finer and weakerover time

·       Rate of growthdecreases

Brow Tidy and Tint$25
Lash Tint$20
Brow Tint$10
Brow Wax, Brow & Lash Tint$40
Full Body$60

A deep tissue massage combined with a selection of essential oils designed to make you feel relaxed, refreshed and stress free.

Allow 60 minutes.

Back, Neck & Shoulders$40

A ultra relaxing massage to de-stress when time is short.

Allow 30 minutes.

Gift Vouchers

Special occasion and anniversary Gloss Gift Vouchers are available which can be personalised and tailored to suit different needs.



Please ensure 24 hours notice of cancellation is given to ensure your appointment can be re-booked and a cancellation fee is not charged.



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